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It was on 1849 July 16, 1849 during the civil war in Spain! St. Antony Mary Claret, along with five other priests assembled together in the seminary at Vic Spain. They had only one aim: to respond to the general lacuna in the preaching of the gospel as the religious orders were suppressed. This response gained its full expression in the birth of the congregation of The Missionary Sons of The Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary also called as Claretian Missionaries.

Claret, a native of Sallent, Spain, and a successful business man left his worldly pursuits in response to God’s call. Burning with love for God’s kingdom, Claret began to preach the Gospel throughout Spain the Canary Islands and Cuba<. He served God and his people, as a priest, archbishop, preacher, writer, social reformer, and prophet: in short in all possible ways. Persecuted and exiled, he died on 1870, October 24, 1870

The Sons of the heart of Mary – (Cordis Mariae Filii – CMF), also known as Claretians, numbering over 3,000 and spread over 62 countries, draw their missionary zeal from charismatic trust of their founder, St. Claret. They carry on manifold evangelizing activities for the cause of Christ and His kingdom. Having begun their activities in India in 1970, the Claretians strive to keep the love of Christ burning…spreading…and enflaming in the style of St. Claret

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