Africa - * Uganda (St. Charles Lwanga)



 Kiyunga.  This was the first place of the Claretian Missionaries in Uganda.  It has a great number of initiatives entrusted to it; the people of the parish, for the most part, are involved in agriculture and livestock to survive, cultivating and caring in order to survive, a population truly in need.  The parish of Our Lady of the Assumption, with 9 out-stations and up to 50 sub-centres, has active CCBs in each town, associations of Women, Men and Youth, as well as The Legion of Mary and an active and healthy group (more than 50) of lay Claretians; it has a Pastoral Council, and councils in each of the out-stations.  There is a Vocational Training Centre with some fifty students and specialities in carpentry, fabrication, bricklaying and plumbing.

 Gonzaga Training Centre (Centre for the formation of catechists), directed by the Claretians, is a diocesan centre; there they give residential courses of formation of two years for the catechists from the out-stations with topics on Bible, basic theology, liturgy and moral theology.  There is also a primary school in the care of a religious congregation of sisters and a good collaboration between the two congregations.

In the out-stations there are primary schools and some kindergartens; there is a total of seven schools; the schools have the minimum equipment to be places of learning.  The land where all these activities are situated belong to the Diocese; the Procures of several Provinces, above all Santiago, have contributed substantial economic resources for the construction of the different buildings.